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Have You Ever Noticed?


What good is it for you? I have never been one for trends or fanfare. For no reason in particular, really. I have come to realize several things over time, however. The things that people are usually fanatical or adamant about rarely benefit them directly, nor do they know as much about that thing as they claim to. They are usually pushing someone’s agenda. They do not have a clue that is the case, however. This is due to them blindly accepting another’s ideology as their own. Once this has occurred, an individual’s ability to reason or use logic has diminished, and the ideas become facts. There has been no research done behind the idea, nor any questions regarding the ‘why’ behind the idea. When questions are asked and they have no thought out response that covers all bases its obvious that it’s just fanatical gibberish.

Do yourself the favor and do not be like the majority out there: do your homework, find objective sources and come to your own conclusions.

Thank you for reading.


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